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iSort V2.04

I’ve sent iSort V2.04 to Apple.

  • New : PDF files are now supported in image fields, use the iSort built-in web server to import the files.
  • New : You can now paste images in the picture fields
  • New : You can now duplicate a record
  • New : You can now move the GPS position.
  • Improved zoom quality on pictures (for pictures imported after the v2.04 update)
  • Complete management of internal images of iSort (with possible suppression)
  • Displays “Yes” or “No” in the main list for Yes/No fields, instead of “1″ and “0″
  • Displays the date in MM/DD/YYYY in the main list for the Date fields, instead of YYYY-MM-DD
  • Added a button in the Table field to add a record in the linked database even if it’s empty
  • Added screens to change the look of the time field
  • Fixed a bug with lists in the advanced search
  • Fixed a bug that saved the time in the calendar even if the option was unchecked
  • Fixed the display bug with fields when the title was placed on the left
  • Fixed a bug with the calculated fields
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes crashed iSort when removing a field

You can find this description in the “What’s new” section of the site.

[Update] iSort was sent to Apple at 5h44 pm (California time) and was validated at 9h49 pm… 4 hours, well done, Apple !

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