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Easysat 1.71

This version will be available today (12/14/11).
It includes a new satellite database updated on 2011/11/14 with 38 changes (including 18 new satellites). It’s the 10th release in 2 years. Welcome to
Arabsat 5C, Astra 1F, EchoStar 1, Eutelsat 3C, Hylas 1, Intelsat New Dawn, Intelsat 25, JCSAT 110R !

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  1. I don’t make my position wen i installed this program

    • Eric

      With open skies you should get GPS signal in less than 1 minute.
      Activate Wifi for quicker localisation.

      Test with map app if you can get your position to sort between an EasySat trouble and a global problem.
      If you’re still in trouble you can email me.