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Manual creation

There is no specific particularity in the naming of the base, but it is a compulsory step.

On the other hand, assigning an icon to the base is optional as a default icon is proposed. If you wish to customize your base in the list, you can press the icon. iSort will then ask you to choose an image from the picture library of your device, or, if you own an iPhone, take a picture with the integrated camera. Whatever your choice, the use of these options is then processed by your device’s system. I thus invite you to read their documentation for further information. Once the picture chosen, it will replace the iSort default icon.

The Do not display button allows you to… hide the base, meaning it will not appear on the list. This may seem futile, but as we shall see notably in the “Lists” and “Tables” sections, this button may prove useful.

If you push the Protect the database with an access code button, a keyboard slides up : type the code that will protect the database, it will be asked on each opening.

Be carefull : There is no way to open a protected database without the code. Don’t forget it !

Once you have entered the information, press the OK button. The database creation screen will disappear, and be replaced by your database, unless of course, you’ve hidden it.


  1. Michael Mahoney

    I have ISort version 3.032 (latest version) and am utilizing an IPAD 2 with IOS 5.0.1. Cannot add a customized icon to a new database (base). When I select “Choose A Picture” or “Take a picture” ISort will crash!! I get bounced out of ISort!! In addition, when I am adding a picture to a picture field in a record, I cannot even get this “Choose A Picture” menu to pull up unless the keyboard is already showing from when I was in a previous text field. I have already reinstalled ISort on the IPAD 2 and it did not solve the problem. Is this a known problem to you and is there a fix? I do not like the stock icon.

  2. Hello Michal.

    Thank you for the report. It is a known problem that will be fixed in iSort V4.